From Dream To Action To Results

My name is Valerie Rowe-Mitchell. After a 15 year career at JB Lloyd Chartered Accountants Limited in the beautiful Mount Maunganui, I founded Emerald Business Advisors Limited to assist business owners to advance their businesses.

We provide accountancy and business advisory services.

Running a business is an amazing, but challenging journey, we understand that. Our goal is to assist you to grow your business.

Business operation demands attention in many areas: product development, HR, bookkeeping, finance, customer relationship, software, hardware, just to name a few, if one or few areas are neglected, the business may experience difficulties.

It is suggested to have a professional advisor or advisers to guide business owners through the process of starting a business, growing, expanding and later exiting the business.

It’s a journey and we are here to assist you!

Our motto is “From Dream to Action to Results” because we listen to your goals, your dreams and develop strategies for your to take action, which will lead to results.

Take action today! Get in touch for a complementary first meeting: